Fund Futurum is a Ukrainian non-commercial educational organization for research and information analysis

Main Task

Developing and implementing new management technologies for the human mind as a whole and its mental processes in particular. Using new methods to solve tasks currently considered the most challenging and important.


Creation and management of an international infrastructure designed for promoting and implementing
the Fund’s achievements into the life of all humankind.

The offices of Fund Futurum
are located in Israel, Russia, the US, and Germany.

Structure and Information Content regarding the Fund:

Identifying the current peculiarities of our world and of the intellectual and spiritual life of humankind that underlie the creation of the Fund and other similar organizations

Explaining and outlining our approach to the Fund’s structure, areas of interest, activities, and membership

Outlining the models of the mind’s performance
and of its interaction with information underlying our work; challenges, methods, and areas for discovering the mind’s abilities and its growth potential

Developing data authentication technologies, using multi-dimensional analysis and synthesis tables, tensor approaches to logic and perception, particularly the Tibetan analytical practices

Efforts to facilitate the intellectual and spiritual growth of the younger generation; developing, managing, implementing, and monitoring specific educational projects for all social and age groups

Developing a system of super-ideas and super-tasks for the Fund’s activities and of the underlying ideological scientific, ethical, and socio-political principles of those activities

Creating a framework of criteria for the selection of goals, tasks, and areas of the Fund’s activities, ways of implementing its outcome, and the existing requirements of our partners and terms of collaboration

Creating structures designed to implement the Fund’s ideas, programs, and projects; planning and organizing its research, philosophical, ideological,
and worldview activities

Creating specialized collective analysis and discussion systems that provide informational, organizational, logical, and verification context for the decision-making process

Developing technologies for the incorporation of additional resources of both the individual and collective mind, creating and applying human- computer research systems

Presenting a system of the Fund’s areas of interest related to the development of principles and technologies aimed at protecting mankind from cosmic and global dangers, both natural and anthropogenic – physical, chemical, biological, and social

Developing principles for monitoring and regulating global biological processes as well as related demographic, socio-economic, political, industrial, and financial processes

Representing the Fund in the process of designing, creating and organizing activities of international ideological, political, financial, and economic organizations

Participating in international industrial, technological, design, and applied research communities, as well as multidisciplinary management networks

Participating in the creation and functioning of international scientific, ideological, social, environmental, and humanitarian organizations and in systems used to manage global migration processes

Developing the principles for building a multi-tiered global education system and creating an international organization providing support for human evolution and focused on personal growth


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